How it works

Thereʼs a lot more to our maps than meets the eye. We want to invite you behind the scenes to see how it all works.

Ship tracking

It all starts with your cruise shipʼs navigation system. Automatic Identification System (AIS) tracking is the culmination of literally thousands of years of ship navigation technology. It was designed to help seafarers identify other ships and safely navigate the busy seas, but it also lets us remotely follow the progress of every ship in the world in real time.

Mapping software

Web-based maps, like the ones we use on our phones to get around, are now so common itʼs easy to forget how much technology is behind them.

We have worked closely with our partners at Maptiler to adapt this technology to generate ultra high resolution maps (much higher than you would normally get for a web map), and combine this with the detail of your voyage to create the final map that is ready for print.