How do you know the exact route that I took on my cruise?

We use the latest AIS satellite ship tracking technology to get a position report for your ship every 15 minutes for the dates you were travelling. This allows us to then create an extremely accurate track on your Cruise Map. If your map isn't completely accurate, you'll get a full refund.

How far back does your data go? Can I order a map for a cruise that I went on years ago?

Our AIS satellite data goes back to the start of 2015, so we can't create precise maps for cruises that happened before then.

Are ports and place names shown on the maps?

Currently, we mark every port call (or significant stop for the ship on more remote cruises) onto the map with a clear dot, but without a written label. We're trying the keep the design of the maps as clean and beautifully minimalistic as possible. Having created countless versions, we're sure this looks best! We're working on an option to add written labels in the future in a way that doesn't detract from this design - watch this space!

Can I see a preview of my map?

Every single Cruise Map is made manually for each customer from thousands of data points, so it isn't possible to automatically generate a preview immediately when you are ordering your map. However, the sample maps shown on our website and social media channels are very accurate representations with regards to general appearance and style. We also offer a full money-back guarantee on your map if the route isn't 100% accurate.

What information do you need from me to make my map?

When you are ordering your custom map, we need the following information to make sure we get exactly the right cruise:

  • The name of the ship you sailed on. Please use the drop-down list to find the right ship
  • The names of the ports where you joined and left the ship. Please use the drop-down lists to find the right ports
  • The dates of your cruise

If you have any difficulties entering this information, please contact hello@thecruisemaps.com 

What type of paper do you use for the maps?

We use FSC-certified 200gsm museum quality paper. This gives an ultra-durable matte finish to the map.

What frames do you use for the prints?

All of our wooden frames are made from sustainably-sourced pine with a natural black finish, and durable clear plexiglass covering the map.

Can I customise my map?

Absolutely. Your map will be unique to the exact route that you took. You can also add a personalised message or title on the map.

Can you mark special occasions precisely onto the map?

Yes! We often get requests from customers who have got engaged, renewed their wedding vows or had a special birthday on a cruise. If you let us know the event and the location by email (hello@thecruisemaps.com) when you book your order, we'll include it in your map.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Occasionally we work with cruise agents or tour leaders who want to order multiple copies of a cruise map. Please get in touch if you are ordering over 5 copies of the same map to discuss a discount (hello@thecruisemaps.com).

Should I get a portrait or landscape print?

We carefully position every custom map so that it fits nicely in the frame, regardless of orientation. We give you the option to choose portrait or landscape to best suit your home, but it is also worth thinking about the route that you took to consider which orientation might look better.

Can I order a map for a future cruise?

All of our maps are made using AIS satellite tracking data - they show where the cruise actually went - so they can only be created after the cruise. We can take orders in advance of your cruise (to be delivered post-cruise) but you'll need to order these via email (hello@thecruisemaps.com). You can also buy a gift card for a cruise map in advance of the cruise.

Where do you ship to?

Everywhere! We ship globally, for free.

How much does it cost for shipping?

Shipping is completely free of charge, globally.

How long will shipping take?

This varies significantly based on your location. In the UK/Europe/North America, it can be as quick as 3 business days. You'll be able to track your order via the link in your order confirmation email.

How do you secure my credit card details?

We use Shopify Payments to handle all transactions, using a certified, secure encryption, and we do not store these details ourselves. As such, there’s no risk from The Cruise Maps.

Do you offer returns or refunds?

Unfortunately, given that our prints are so highly customised for each customer, we do not offer returns. In the rare event that you have issues with the quality of your print or if there are any mistakes in the route, please send us an email (hello@thecruisemaps.com) and we’ll make sure to make things right.